The Event

The Christmas Event 2017 is an event that took place in late December. Jokes aside, it has ended on the 27th of February of 2018.


During the event, salvaging knives will give you rewards, including normal materials and parts of toy. Each time you salvage a knife, you'll get a part of toy. You can craft a toy until you get 4 parts of toy.

List of toys
Name Requirement
Fidget Spinner 4 parts of Fidget Spinner

(obtain from salvaging common weapons)

RC car 4 parts of RC car

(obtain from salvaging uncommon weapons)

Hoverboard 4 parts of Hoverboard

(obtain from salvaging rare weapons)

Ipad 4 parts of Ipad

(obtain from salvaging legendary weapons)

Another way to get parts of toy is after each round, you may receive them which mostly are common and uncommon parts.

Once you get your toys, craft them with wrapping papers, which make them able to be exchanged in Santa's workshop. You can get wrapping papers by buying them or sometimes receive them after each round.

If you buy a box of wrapping paper, you'll need to salvage it. Also, the box can be traded unless it has been used.

There are 3 kinds of wrapping paper: Green, Blue and Ultra (Rainbow)

The better the wrapping paper is, the more valuable the toy is (means more items obtained from exchaging)

Name Green wrapping paper Blue wrapping paper Ultra wrapping paper
Fidget Spinner 10 snowflake coins

2 winter keys

15 snowflake coins

3 winter keys

20 snowflake coins

4 winter keys

RC car 60 snowflake coins

5 winter keys

90 snowflakes coins

... winter keys

120 snowflake coins

10 winter keys

Hoverboard 400 snowflake coins

10 winter keys

600 snowflake coins

15 winter keys

800 snowflake coins

20 winter keys

Ipad 2500 snowflake coins

20 winter keys

3750 snowflake coins

30 winter keys

5000 snowflake coins

40 winter keys

Then, use those items to get some exclusive knives, toys, effects and radios. These items and prices are listed below.

  • Winter key: open the Christmas box 2017
  • Snowflake coins: buy things in Token shop (Santa's workshop)

Santa's Workshop

Item Price Item Type Description

(According to the workshop)

Green Wrapping Paper 25 Diamonds Craftable Obtained from round drops
Blue Wrapping Paper 100 Diamonds Craftable Gives 1.5x Token and Key Reward
Ultra Wrapping Paper 250 Diamonds Craftable Gives 2x Token and Key Reward
5x Green Wrapping Paper 100 Diamonds Craftable Tradeable
5x Blue Wrapping Paper 400 Diamonds Craftable Tradeable
5x Ultra Wrapping Paper 1000 Diamonds Craftable Tradeable
Frostsaber 5000 Tokens Godly Knife Frostsaber
Snowflake 3000 Tokens Godly Knife Snowflake
Gingerbread Effect 100 Tokens Effect Gingerbread
Candy Cane Effect 20 Tokens Effect Candy Cane
Snowflakes Effect 2017 10 Tokens Effect Snowflakes 2017
Knife Wrapper 60 Tokens Effect Effect: Wraps ANY knife in wrapping paper
Santa Dog 10 Tokens Pet Pet
Blue Candy Cane 400 Tokens Radio Radio
Green Candy Cane 300 tokens Radio Radio
Coal 60 Tokens Radio Radio
Ice 15 Tokens Radio Radio

Christmas Box Possible Drops

Knife name Quality Image
Winter's Edge Godly
Green Fire Legendary
Green Fire.
Snowy Rare
Gingerbread Rare
Tree Uncommon
Sweater Uncommon
Frosty Uncommon
Santa Common
Elf Common
Coal Common
Present Common

Other Weapons

Name Tier Image
Frostsaber Godly
Snowflake Godly
Ice Shard Godly
Ice Shard
Red Fire Legendary
Blue Elite Legendary


This event also has several challenges to complete with each a unique reward. They are here listed below:

Name Challenge Challenge Description Reward
Survivor Survive a round as an innocent 5 Tokens
Knife-Proof Survive 10 rounds as an Innocent 1 Green Wrapping Paper
Hunter Eliminated 10 people in one round as a Murderer 10 Tokens
Law and Order Win a round by shooting the Murderer as a Sheriff 10 Tokens
Savior Win a round by shooting the Murderer after picking up the gun 10 Tokens
Coin Collector Collect 100 coins 1 Green Wrapping Paper
Coin Connoisseur Collect 1000 coins 2 Winter Keys
Santa's Helper Craft and exchange a toy in Santa's Workshop 10 Tokens
Artisan Craft and exchange one of each type of toy 10 Winter Keys
Completionist Complete all other Christmas challenges Red Fire

(Legendary knife)


This event is the first to get a leaderboard. Only 100 are available. The rewards are a Unique tier and are untradable. Top 100 gets the Blue Candy, Top 3 gets the Bronze Candy, 2nd got the Silver Candy and 1st place gets Gold Candy.