Weapons are one of the primary aspects of Murder Mystery 2 which are used to eliminate players. The 2 main weapons are the knife and the gun. The knife is used to stab and can be thrown at innocents or targets, while the sheriff uses the gun to shoot the murderer.

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Ways to Obtain

There are many different weapons that can be obtained, such as unboxing crates, which cost 1,000 coins , a key, or 100 gems. In addition, the player could obtain new weapons through crafting from salvaged materials. Also, the player is able to trade away knives/guns with other players for new more desirable weapons.

The player is also able to obtain limited unique knives and weapons from events like Halloween and Christmas such as scoring a high place on the Christmas/Halloween leaderboard. 

Weapon Tiers

Each knife or gun has a different tier, the weapon generally becomes more valuable depending on how high its tier is. However, this is not always the case. Very rare non-godlies can outvalue some godlies (depending on how rare the knife is). High-value knives (or knives with value in general) below godly tier are called "collectibles." These collectibles can be several times more rare than godlies.

Holiday Weapons

Holiday weapons are on a different page of the inventory from classic and season 1 weapons. holiday weapons are weapons that can be obtained at Christmas and Halloween. they are usually worth more than classic or season 1 weapons due to them only being obtainable for a limited time. the only reason holiday weapons from 2017 and 2018 are worth so little is because of The Duping Glitch (2017) and The Duping Glitch (2019).

Weapon Types

Rarity Info Example
Unique Unique weapons are the highest-tier weapons in the game. The majority of Unique weapons are obtained through achieving a certain place on event leaderboards and are mostly untradeable, making them extremely rare and hard to find.

Unique Corrupt

Chroma Chroma weapons, or Chromas for short, are as the name suggests, versions of most Godly weapons that changes in color. Most Chromas can be unboxed (or crafted if it's a Chroma Seer) from a weapon crate and are even harder to get than normal Godlies.

Chroma Fang

Ancient Ancient weapons are rare weapons worth similarly to Classic and Vintage weapons. Anceint Weapons like Batwing and Icewing were purchasable for robux, but now all Ancient Weapons are obtained other ways.

Ancient Batwing Scythe

Godly Godly weapons are rare, iconic weapons in the game. There is a small chance of unboxing one in weapon crates but they can also be obtained through crafting, redeeming special codes, and special events.

Godly Luger

Vintage Vintage or Classic weapons were originally obtained through the original Murder Mystery (MM1) Currently, they can only be obtained from trading.

Classic Prince

Legendary Legendary weapons are weapons are the 3rd-highest tier weapons obtained through unboxing weapon crates, only behind Godlies and Chromas. They can be obtained through unboxing weapon crates, trading, special events, or by buying the "Elite" gamepass. They are hard to obtain from unboxing crates, as the chance of unboxing them are only 5%.

Legendary Viper

Rare Rare weapons are weapons are the 4th-highest tier weapons obtained through unboxing weapon crates, only behind Legendaries, Godlies, and Chromas. They can be obtained through unboxing weapon crates, trading, or from special events. They are relatively difficult to obtain from unboxing crates.

Rare Galactic

Uncommon Uncommon weapons are the 2nd-lowest tier weapons. They can be obtained through unboxing weapon crates, trading, or from special events. They are moderately easy to obtain, being slightly harder to unbox than Common weapons.

Uncommon Adurite

Common Common weapons are the lowest tier weapons. They are obtained through unboxing weapon crates, trading, redeeming codes, purchasing bundles, or from special events. They are the easiest weapons to obtain and as the name suggests, the most common.

Common Yellow

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