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Pet Crates/Eggs
Name Notes Overview
Common Egg All godly pets are fire versions of the pets included, and all chroma pets are each godly versions. Common Egg Overview.jpg
Pet Box #1 Discontinued, Not Unboxable Pet Box old.jpg
Name Tier Rarity Ways to Obtain Picture
Chroma Fire Bunny Chroma Godly Common Egg Chromafirebunny improved.png
Chroma Fire Cat Chroma Godly Common Egg Chromafirecat improved.png
Chroma Fire Bat Chroma Godly Common Egg Chromafirebat improved.png
Chroma Fire Fox Chroma Godly Common Egg Chromafirefox improved.png
Chroma Fire Pig Chroma Godly Common Egg Chromafirepig improved.png
Chroma Fire Bear Chroma Godly Common Egg Chromafirebear improved.png
Chroma Fire Dog Chroma Godly Common Egg Chromafiredog improved.png
<3 Special Common Valentines Event 2016 Fdxg.png
Steambird 3 Godly Clockwork Item Pack 360615840.png
Phoenix 3 Godly 8Bit Item Pack Phoenix.png
Sammy 3 Godly American Item Pack Sammy transparent.png
Electro 3 Godly Futuristic Item Pack Electro.png
Deathspeaker 3 Godly Classic Pet Box Korblox Deathspeaker Hood.png
Jetstream 3 Rare Shop Jetstream.png
Frostbird 3 Godly Christmas Event 2018 2669820759.png
Fire Bat 3 Godly Common Egg Firebat improved.png
Fire Bear 3 Godly Common Egg Firebear improved.png
Fire Bunny 3 Godly Common Egg FireBunny improved.png
Fire Fox 3 Godly Common Egg FireFox improved.png
Fire Cat 3 Godly Common Egg Firecat improved.png
Fire Dog 3 Godly Common Egg Firedog improved.png
Fire Pig 3 Godly Common Egg Firepig improved.png
Traveller 3 Godly Halloween 2017 Item Pack 1133253877.png
Tankie 3 Rare Classic Pet Box Tankie2.png
Eyeball 3 Rare Shop Eyeball.png
Nobledragon 3 Legendary Classic Pet Box Nobledragonpic.png
Ice Phoenix 3 Godly Christmas 2017 Item Pack IcePhoenix.png
Blue Pumpkin (2018) 2 Common Halloween Event 2018 BluePumpkin-1.png
Purple Pumpkin (2018) 2 Common Halloween Event 2018 2513907604.png
Skelly 2 Godly Shadow item pack Skelly.png
Mechbug 2 Rare Pet Box Fdg.png
Ghosty (Pet) 2 Godly Halloween 2019 item pack Ghosty Pets.png
Green Pumpkin (2018) 2 Common Hallows event 2018 2513906167.png
Red Pumpkin (2018) 2 Common Hallows event 2018 2513907910.png
Overseer Eye 2 Legendary Buying in shop for 2,000 coins Cxv.png
Icey 2 Godly 2019 Christmas item pack Icey improved.png
Red Pumpkin (2019) 2 Rare 2019 Halloween tier 2019redpumpkin.png
Red Pumpkin (2020) 2 Legendary 2020 Halloween tier 2513907910.png
Santa Pet 2 Rare 2019 Christmas tier 4535365003.png
Vampire Bat 2 Legendary 2019 Halloween tier Vampirebat.png
Rudolph Pet 2 Legendary 2019 Christmas tier Rudolph (pet).png
Green Pumpkin (2019) 2 Rare 2019 Halloween tier Hgdg.png
Green Pumpkin (2020) 2 Rare 2020 Halloween tier Greenpumpkin2020 improved.png
Blue Pumpkin (2019) 2 Uncommon 2019 Halloween tier Ftr h.png
Blue Pumpkin (2020) 2 Uncommon 2020 Halloween tier Bluepumpkin2020 improved.png
UFO 2 Common Pet Box Ufo2.png
Badger 2 Common Pet Box Ftyh.png
Elf Pet (2019) 2 Uncommon 2019 Christmas tier 2019elf.png
Zombie Dog 2 Uncommon 2019 Halloween tier ZombieDog improved.png
Bat 2 Legendary Common Egg Bat improved.png
Elitey 2 Legendary Elite game pass Elitey.png
Scarecrow 2 Rare Halloween 2020 tier Scarecrow2.png
Mr. Reindeer 2 Rare Christmas 2020 tier Mrreindeer improved.png
Black Cat 1 Rommon 2019 Halloween tier Black Cat.png
Bear 1 Rare Common Egg Bear improved.png
Pumpkin (2017/2018) 1 Common Halloween 2017 Pumpkin.png
Dogey 1 Uncommon Pet Box Dogey Transparent.png
Fairy 1 Uncommon Buying in shop for 500 coins Fairy improved.png
Chilly 1 Uncommon Pet box Fgvb.png

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