There are 11 Obtainable crates (at the moment). The crates can be opened by using a Key, Diamonds, and Coins. These crates contain Guns, Knifes, and Godlies. Event Mystery Keys can only open event Boxes//Crates. There are special boxes that come out on holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. They contain exclusive items, Pets and effects.

The Crates always contains a Chroma Godly, Godlies, Legendaries, Rare, Uncommons, and Commons.There is an egg crate too, where you can obtain Pets (Chroma Fire, Fire, Godly, Legendary, Rare, Common, and Uncommon pets.) These Godlies have a purple colored "Name Box" which means they're a Godly but the Chromas, are purple with the Chroma logo on top of the "Name Box". The Fire pets just have the name "Fire" in front of the pet name.

Info: Below, is the short form each of boxes that were ever added to MM2. For more info simply click on the name of crate and you will be redirected to the main page of crate.


  1. Murder Mystery 1 use to have Vintages Knives and Guns.
  2. Murder Mystery 2 has Chromas and Fire pets, unlike back then in "Murder Mystery (1)"
  3. There used to be a crate named "MLG Box" but was changed to chromas box and after to rainbow box most likely due to copyright

In-game crates

Crates in this section are crates that are currently in the game (11 crates)

Knife crates:

Name Info Overview
Mystery Box #1 - MysteryBox-1 Overview.jpg
Mystery Box #2 - MysteryBox-2 Overview.jpg
Knife Box #1 - Knife Box-1 Overview.jpg
Knife Box #2 - Knife Box-2 Overview.jpg
Knife Box #3 - Knife Box-3 Overview.jpg
Knife Box #4 - Knife Box-4 Overview.jpg
Knife Box #5 - Knife Box-5 Overview.jpg
Rainbow Box - RanbowBox Overview.jpg

Gun crates

Name Info Overview
Gun Box #1 - GunBox-1 Overview.jpg
Gun Box #2 - GunBox-2 Overview.jpg
Gun Box #3 - GunBox-3 Overview.jpg

Pet crates/eggs

Name Info Overview
Common Egg Crate/egg that gives you pets. Common Egg Overview.jpg

Removed crates

Crates below were sadly removed from the MM2 game. But the weapons from them you should be still able get from trading/unboxing from other boxes. More info in Removed Features

Name Info Overview
MLG (Chroma) Box - Older version (MLG Box)
MLG (Chroma) Box.jpg
V.2. (Chroma Box)
Chroma Box.jpg
Common Box - Common Weapons
CommonBox 1-2.png
Uncommon Weapons
CommonBox 2-2.png
Uncommon Box -
Uncommon Box.jpg
Rare Box -
Legendary Box -
Pet Box #1 This box is the older version of the current common egg, but has different pets inside.
Pet Box old.jpg
2015 Christmas knife box -
Christmas event 2015 Box.png
2015 Christmas gun box -
Christmas 2015 Gun box.jpg
2016 Halloween box -
2016 Halloween Box.jpg
2017 Halloween box -
2017 Halloween Box.jpg
2017 Christmas box -
Christmas Event 2017 Box.png
2018 Halloween box -
2018 Christmas box -
Christmas Event 2018.jpg
2019 Halloween box -
Halloween box.png
2019 Christmas box -
80403531 830687467361097 6586460888197234688 n.png
2020 Halloween box -
2020 Christmas box -
Christmas 2020 Box.png

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