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Candy is a godly knife that was originally obtainable by unboxing it from the 2015 Christmas Knife Box during the 2015 Christmas Event. It is now only obtainable through trading as the event has since ended.


Candy resembles a classic candy cane with red and white stripes, hence the name. Tied to the middle of it is a large red bow tie.


  • It is the only knife that has a blunt tip, along with its unique Leaderboard variants: the Blue Candy, Bronze Candy, Silver Candy, and Gold Candy which were awarded as Unique Trophy Items for placing in the top 100 on the Christmas Event 2017 Leaderboard.
  • Candy's model derives from the now offsale ROBLOX gear Candy Cane.
  • This knife was a victim the The Duping Glitch (2017), causing it to lose a lot of value.
  • It provides 235 Godly Shards when salvaged.
  • When equipped, this knife has the player holding the knife at the curl, even though the thumbnail of the item has the curl of the knife facing up.
  • It partners with the gun Sugar, making the Candy Set.
  • Candy is one of the many candy cane themed godlies (Others being Lugercane, Eternalcane, Peppermint, and Minty).
  • This knife’s description is "When you grow up candy doesn't taste as good, so enjoy it now. And that thing adults say about too much candy giving you a stomach ache is a lie, btw."
  • This was the first unboxable Christmas godly in Murder Mystery 2.

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