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Not to be confused with Blue Pumpkin (2018) and Blue Pumpkin (2020), the pets given to players who claimed the 18th tier and the 12th tier respectively

Blue Pumpkin is an uncommon pet that was released along with the Halloween Event 2019 update. It was obtainable through claiming the 9th tier of the Tier Rewards during the event. It can now only be obtained by trading.


The Blue Pumpkin (2019) has a blocky base with a sinister smile on the front. Its color pallet is different shades of blue, as the stem being dark blue, the base being light blue, and the face being a lighter shade with an outline.


Tier 1

DogCatBunnySnowmanSanta Dog2020 PumpkinBadgerUFOPigFoxPengyPiggyElf ReindeerPumpkin 2019SeahorseyChillyFairyDogeyPumpkin (2017/2018)BearBlack CatMr. Snowman

Tier 2

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Tier 3

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Special Tier

Heart (<3)

Chroma Tier

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