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Blue Elderwood Blade is a unique knife that was awarded to players that finished Top 100 in the Halloween Event 2022 Leaderboard.


It has a jagged tanto-shaped blade that is black with a cracked texture over it. The edge of the blade is bright blue, and streaks of blue can be seen along the spine. The guard and handle which resemble a tree branch, are black with thin blue steaks and are connected together. Part of the guard curls onto the spine of the blade, and the other droops in front of the handle.


  • Other variants of this include Gold Elderwood Blade, Silver Elderwood Blade, and Bronze Elderwood Blade.
  • This item is a blue reskin of the godly knife Elderwood Blade.
  • Like all other unique weapons (excluding Corrupt), this item is untradable.
  • On November 9th, the day before the leaderboard items were given, Nikilis wiped many exploiters off the leaderboard, resulting in those just under the Top 100 getting on the leaderboard and receiving this prize.
  • When leaderboard rewards released on November 10th, 2022, they initially appeared as godlies when players claimed them and in their inventory. The issue was fixed on December 27th, 2022.
  • With the release of the Christmas 2022 Event, users who did not claim this trophy before the update did not receive it in their inventory. The issue is yet to be resolved.


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