RobloxScreenShot20180507 163358122

One of the rooms.

RobloxScreenShot20180507 163535009

The main room with the giant tube.

Bio Lab

The Bio Lab is a relatively new map. It is also a very large map, so this makes it a good map for innocents because they can escape the Murderer easily. Mostly, the fight is drawn to the room with a large pillar and some crates.

Hiding Spots

  • Inside the tube similar to the one in Mil-Base. (First Person/Shift Lock Required)
  • On top of the giant tube.
  • Inside the room with the creators of the game in tubes, there is a secret entrance to a small hole. Hoever, it isn't a great hiding place as many people know about it.
  • Inside the containers in the room with the giant tube and the storage room.
  • Behind the tube with the creators inside them. (You cannot go behind some of them)
  • Inside the vents.
  • Inside the room with the flashing lights.