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Ancient Weapons are a tier of weapons added in by Nikilis in mid-2018.

It is hinted that Nikilis may add more Ancient Weapons in later updates. So far, all ancient knives do not resemble actual knives, but resemble axes or scythes instead (except for Flames, which was formerly an ancient.) Ancients are normally obtainable through holiday events, such as Halloween or Christmas events.

Ancient Weapons
Name Type Ways to Obtain Picture
Batwing Knife Purchasing the Batwing Gamepass for 2,499 Robux. BatwingUpdated2.png
Nik's Scythe Knife Gift from Nikilis. NiksScytheUpdated.png
Icewing Knife Purchasing the Icewing Gamepass for 2,499 Robux. Icewingknife.png
Elderwood Scythe Knife Purchasing the 40th tier of the Halloween Event 2019 for 80,000 Candies. ElderwoodScythev2.png
Logchopper Knife Purchasing the 30th tier of the Christmas Event 2019 for 70,000 Snow Tokens. Logchopper.png
Hallowscythe Knife Purchasing the 30th tier of the Halloween Event 2020 for 80,000 Candies. Hallowscythe.png
Icebreaker Knife Purchasing the 20th tier of the Christmas Event 2020 for 70,000 Snow Tokens. Icebreaker.png
Harvester Gun Purchasing the 30th tier of the Halloween Event 2021 for 80,000 Candies. HarvesterUpdated.png
Reaver Knife Purchasing the EVO: Reaver (Gamepass) for 1,699 Robux and "evolving" it From Rare to Ancient (The final stage of this knife). Reaver4.png
Swirly Axe Knife Purchasing the 20th tier of the Christmas Event 2021 for 80,000 Snow Tokens. SwirlAxe.png


  • Flames used to be an Ancient weapon that could be obtained by crafting. Flames was soon changed to Godly after Season 1 was released due to it being duped.
  • All the weapons in this tier are scythes. (Excluding Logchopper, Icebreaker, Swirly Axe, and Harvester)
  • Nikilis got some backlash from the Halloween Event 2019 due to making the the tiers 40k candies then 80k more to buy the Elderwood Scythe.
  • There are currently 10 ancient weapons in the game.
  • As of right now, there is one ancient gun in the game, which is Harvester.
  • Hallowscythe is part battleaxe, part spear and part scythe.
  • Batwing and Icewing are polar opposites.
  • All of the Ancients from 2019 onwards were made by IDontHaveAUse.
  • Nikilis, along with Zyleak has given away a weapon called "Nik's Scythe". However, only people trusted to Nikilis can own this weapon, and if another player owns it, it will be deleted from their inventory.
  • Harvester is the first ancient gun in the game.
  • Reaver and Harvester were released at the same time.
  • Reaver is the first EVO weapon to be released and is untradeable.
  • Harvester is currently the only gun with a unique shooting sound.
  • Reaver is the only and first scythe to be double-bladed.