Ancient Weapons

Ancient Weapons are a relatively new tier of weapons added in by Nikilis along with the Christmas Event 2016. It is possibly worth as much as a classic weapon, but there's currently only four weapons in this tier. 

It is hinted that Nikilis may add more Ancient Weapons in later updates.

Name Tier Type Ways to Get Picture
Flames Ancient Knife Crafting/Trading
Batwing Ancient Knife Trading Only
Bat Scythe
Nik's Scythe Ancient Knife Trading Only
Nik's Scythe
Icewing Ancient Knife Buying for 2499 robux/Trading


This was the first knife added to the game, worth 50 seers and is only crafted by salvaging three godlies. A Seer, a Tides and Heat. This crafting system was introduced in the Christmas 2016 Event.


After almost 2 years, Nikilis finally added the next Ancient tier knife, which was Halloween exclusive. The Batwing, originally a Nikilis only weapon, now it is published to the game. Worth 120 Seers, twice as much as the Flames. It costed 2499 robux, and it replaced the Shadow Pack Bundle.

Nik's Scythe

Ever since Batwing was not developer exclusive and to the public, Nikilis made this version. However, this also went to the public but more as a gift from Nikilis. The original way to obtain it was if you report bugs or glitches, JD or Nikilis may have gifted your this scythe, however, you may not be able to obtain it but through trading now. It is worth 150K Seers in value, with 5 star demand.


The fourth Ancient tier knife comes out only 2 months after the Batwing. Looks almost exactly like the Batwing, but icy. This was added as part of the Christmas 2018 Event for 2499 robux, just like the Batwing. It is worth 110 seers, which is 10 less than the Batwing.