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2015 is a common knife that was made somewhere around early 2015. It can now only be obtained through trading due to the code being expired.


2015's features includes certain fireworks printed on the blade supported by a shiny silver guard. It has '2015' written on the black handle.


  • This is the only New Years themed knife in MM2.
  • This is the third code knife ever released, behind Gifted and Reptile, among the 17 codes.
  • It was obtained when you use the code "2015" on January 1st.
  • Ths code was expired the day after, which makes the knife rare.
  • 2015 is supposedly a New Years themed knife due to the fireworks, dark sky and the "2015" on the bottom of the knife.
  • This knife is one of the rarest common weapons in the game.
  • The “2015” on the handle is reversed from the other side.