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• 8/26/2018


Trading off my entire inventory as I no longer play this game anymore, for a Stickmasterluke limited. Selling entire inventory for 32k group funds.
Trading an item or two from mm2 for items on mmx. Either way, a middle man from Neverland Pirates will be used. You can read below what my inventory consists of.

Inventory consists of:Corrupt, Battle axe, Candy, Green luger, Hallows blade, Hallows edge, Heat, Luger, Red luger, Shark, Spider, Sugar, Winters edge, Cotton candy, Rupture, Red scratch, Blue scratch, Tree gun, Tree knife, Web, Cane gun, Cane knife, Ginger gun, Ginger knife, Jack, Nutcracker, Moon, Bats, Wolf, Snowman gun, Snowman knife, 2015, Blossom, Asteroid, Bones, Brains, Bunny, Elf knife, Ghosty, Hearts, Patrick, Ornament2 knife, Ornament2 gun, Santa gun, Santa knife, Tulip, Valentine, Witch, Xbox, America, Cowboy, Deathspeaker, Ice Phoenix, Skelly, Steambird and Traveller. Along with all the commons, uncommons, rares and legendarys you can unbox.

Have a nice day.
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• 9/6/2018
hey bro your probably gonna say no but i'll give you santa dog and seer overseer gun green fire, 3X gingerbread black nova snowy 3X tree 2X frosty 2X sweater Missing wanwood 9X santa 5X coal 5X present 4X elf Alex HL2 gun and oily just for heat and tides godly knife im fine if you say no i'm just wondering btw all of the stuff that does not say gun is a knife except the santa dog thats a pet
• 9/9/2018
Those aren't worth anything. If I were to do that, you'd be getting 118 seer value while I'd be getting no value in return.
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